Talks and Teaching

I’ve presented my work at a variety of venues, both as poster presentations and paper talks. In addition, I worked as a teaching assistant for two natural language processing courses while at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Graph Neural Network Working Group


Presented to the HERE research organization on the theory and practice of graph neural network construction, with particular focus on implementing graph attention networks in Pytorch.

The notebook created for this presentation can be found on my Github.

Last Meter Delivery

Poster Presenter

HERE Technologies Research Open House
Chicago, IL

Presented the then-ongoing research and prototypes for the last meter delivery project, including the data collection mobile app and the work-in-progress results from the neural method used to extract spatial representations from natural language route instructions.

Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing

Teaching Assistant

Advised students on independent projects, created and graded homework assignments, graded exams, and held office hours. Topics focused on deep learning techniques for natural language processing.

Entity Based Visual Scene Understanding


UIUC Deep Learning Workshop
Urbana, IL

Presented work for coreference resolution for parallel image captions, bridging anaphora, and grounding using bidirectional LSTMs, simple feed-forward networks, and a multi-task learning scheme for interrelated vision and language tasks.

Entity Prediction from Parallel Image Captions

Poster Presenter

Amazon Graduate Research Symposium
Seattle, WA

Presented the then-in-progress work on coreference resolution for parallel image captions, which leveraged both classic linear classification schemes and rule-based anaphora resolution heuristics.


Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Teaching Assistant

Created and graded homework assignments, graded exams, and held office hours. The course covered traditional natural language processing topics, including morphology, syntax, parsing, machine translation, generation, etc.

Flickr30k Entities

Poster Presenter

Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop of the Future of Computer Vision Datasets
Boston, MA

Presented a poster on the Flickr30k Entities dataset, the annotated image-caption data first introduced in the Flickr30k Entities paper published in ICCV.

Narrative Fragment Creation: An Approach for Learning Narrative


Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems
Baltimore, MD

Presented the paper of the same name at ACS 2013.